I 1. fo:m noun
1) ((a) shape; outward appearance: He saw a strange form in the darkness.) form, skikkelse
2) (a kind, type or variety: What form of ceremony usually takes place when someone gets a promotion?) type, form, slag
3) (a document containing certain questions, the answers to which must be written on it: an application form.) formular, skjema
4) (a fixed way of doing things: forms and ceremonies.) formalitet, formsak
5) (a school class: He is in the sixth form.) (skole)klasse
2. verb
1) (to make; to cause to take shape: They decided to form a drama group.) danne, stifte
2) (to come into existence; to take shape: An idea slowly formed in his mind.) ta form, danne seg
3) (to organize or arrange (oneself or other people) into a particular order: The women formed (themselves) into three groups.) opprette, danne
4) (to be; to make up: These lectures form part of the medical course.) danne, utgjøre
- be in good form
- in the form of
II fo:m noun
(a long, usually wooden seat: The children were sitting on forms.) (tre)benk
subst. \/fɔːm\/
1) form, utforming, fasong
the form of a poem
et dikts form
the table has a very simple form
bordet har en svært enkel form
2) skikkelse, figur
3) form, versjon
the law in its new form
loven i sin nye form
4) skjema, blankett
fill in a form
fylle ut et skjema
5) benk (uten rygg), skolebenk
6) (skole)klasse, kull
first form
første klasse
7) manerer, oppførsel
spitting is bad form
det er ikke pent å spytte
8) (grammatikk) ordform
the plural form normally ends in s
9) (sport) form, kondisjon
he is in\/on great form for the match
han er i storform til kampen
10) støpeform
11) (boktrykking, også forme) form
12) (for hare) hi
be off\/out of form (sport e.l.) ikke være i form, være utrent
for form's sake for formens skyld, for ordens skyld
in due form i behørig form
in form i (god) kondisjon (fysisk og mentalt)
i riktig form
in the form of i form av
lose form (om veddeløpshester e.l.) miste formen, være i dårlig form, ha dårlig kondisjon
low forms of life (biologi) lavere former for liv
a matter of form eller a mere form en formalitet, proforma
run true to form eller be true to form oppføre seg som ventet, være seg selv lik
take form ta form
take the form of forme seg til
verb \/fɔːm\/
1) danne (seg), stifte(s)
ice had formed
det hadde dannet seg is
they will form a coalition
de vil danne en koalisjon
2) forme (ved opplæring eller trening)
you can form a child's character
du kan forme et barns personlighet
3) utvikle, skaffe seg, stifte
form a friendship with someone
stifte vennskap med noen
4) tenke ut, utforme i tankene, danne seg, gjøre seg opp
have you formed an opinion?
har du gjort deg opp en mening?
5) utgjøre
the fireplace forms part of the decor
peisen er en del av utsmykningen
6) (militærvesen) formere (seg), stille (seg) opp, danne formasjon
form two deep!
still opp på to rekker!
form into forme seg til, danne seg til
form up stille seg opp

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